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'The 2020 Word for Brussels & Belgium' by Dr Sharon Stone - 13 January 2020 - Vineyard Brussels

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Lift your hands as we pray tonight. Father, right now we absolutely love You, we adore You, God. Father we love everything about You, including Your voice, including Your arm of power, Your heart of compassion. Father, we love Your mercy, Your faithfulness, Your goodness. God we release You tonight not to repeat what we already know. But God would You go where we don't know? Would You go to that place called Beyond? And would You take us there with You, God. That You would, God, stretch us that You would increase us. Father that You would move us ahead, Father, even in advancing Your Kingdom in our lives, in the name of Jesus? Amen. God bless you.


Now tonight I am talking about the season that you're in as a nation; as an area individually. Why do you need to hear that? You need to hear that because when you know what the Spirit of God is doing in the bigger picture and you align with it, your personal purpose and destiny has the ability to align with what the Spirit of God is doing also. What happens when you know what God's doing in the ground, then you can also be one that realizes that if the ground is fulfilling destiny, it's easier for you to fulfill destiny, you're not fighting against that.

So we prayed that these words will bring you into alignment. Because I work with so many prophets around the world. I'm not sharing with you their revelation tonight, I share with you mine, but I can honestly say this: God does nothing without telling His servants the prophets. So there are definitely similarities in our mouth. If there were not, something would be wrong, you know, somebody goes, "Oh, no, this is my private revelation". O, I want you to know, God doesn't give you private revelation. He says that He makes it mass revelation. So that does not make your prophets elite, and that they know something that you don't know. No, God already tells you "What I'm going to tell you I'm telling all the others as well". So God wants us to know we can function in that mutuality and that support of one another.

But also, before tonight's over, we're going to prophesied over many of you will even have a team here that'll minister to some, some more of you. But there's no way we'll get all of you minister tonight. Also, I really feel like we need to do this. You need to see that God never gives revelation for Word purpose. He says that He confirms His Word with signs following. So before tonight's over, we're going to have some people in the room that have been instantaneously healed because that's who our God is. Remember when the centurion said "just send your word and heal my servant”, and it says, 'he was raised up that very hour'.

We will see that tonight. Not because Sharon Stone is standing here, but because Jesus and His Word are one. And His Word never goes forth to give a diagnosis. It introduces Him, the Healer, right? It never goes forth to tell you or expose you of what's inadequate with you, no, it raises up Jesus the Deliverer, who delivers you. Is that not right? So, no longer can we have an immature prophetic, that is in Word only. It has to be in power and in action as well. I believe the Church of Belgium will have a different ability to embrace it when they see that it is not in words only.


Can I get you to lift up your hands again? Father, right now speak over each of these lives. Father, we thank You; You know each and every person here. You know things that need to be said. You know secrets of the heart, God. You know things that will build. You know things that will deliver. You know things that will appoint them the right direction for this year. You know things that will restore their family. You know things that will break open their finances. You know things, Father, that will cause them to know what they were created for and receive a passion for that. Father, You know how to ignite and fire within their bones. Father, You know how to release a passion that they have never known. And so tonight God, as we come here, we just say, God, these are areas that we give You permission and we invite You into, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Let's just jump right in, you know that you're in the year 2020.

Prophets all over the world are calling this 'a New Era'. I like that term. That means basically we don't really know when it ends. If they would have called it a new decade, we would say 10 years. If they'd say just a new year, we would say 365 days, but it's not this time as we moved into the season we're in, they're calling it 'Era'.

I believe that's because of the weight and what it will carry. So many people are titling this 'Era', and many are titling it 'the Fullness of Time Era'. Some are titling it, that it's 'an Era of the Nations'. Others, and this is actually my favorite, 'a Greater Glory Era', 'a New Wine Era'.

Let me tell you this, and I'm sure you already know this, just like new wine causes the old wine skin to break. A new Glory exposes an inadequate old Glory that we've been building on. So it forces us to come into a new place with Him 'an Era of Power'.

I was just last week I was in Finland and Denmark and assisting them and starting a Nordic Prophetic Council there. God speaks over the Nordic nations. And He says, they're in 'a Tipping Point Era'. And I believe that Europe as a whole is in 'a Victorious Church Era'.

What does that mean? That means that you get to fight battles that you have never fought before. And you get to have victories that are not repeats and recycles. You get to have victories that are breaking barriers that you didn't know were possible to break.

I remember in October of this year, I was watching the Kenyan marathon runner Kipchoge in Vienna, and you know, he was attempting to break the two hour marathon record. Anybody watch that with me? It was fantastic to watch. But the second he broke it and everybody celebrated and everything. I remember the runner, the English runner, Bannister, I live in England. I know this is an English accent, but that's where I've lived for 23 years. But I remember that when he broke the four minute mile 46 days later somebody else broke it. Two weeks later, somebody else broke it. I believe we probably are standing in place, where in a few days somebody is going to break Kipchoge's record.

Why are we saying that is that just happens? Because we are in a Victorious Church Era and there is a place where we are going to break barriers that we did not know was was possible. And what happens when what was impossible is no longer impossible. We find that we are all able to proceed forward in that area.


Can I talk a moment just about Belgium? I realise Belgium has different languages, that it has different areas, that it has its own issues. I live in England; we have our own issues. Okay. But I believe the era for Belgium, are you listening to this? This is the individual one. I believe in Europe we're part of that the 'Era of the Victorious Church, but Belgium right now: it's the 'Era of Pregnancies'. Then the Lord has never spoke that to me before. And what are you pregnant with? I believe you're pregnant with a whole other generation. I believe that you are pregnant with the ability not just to see what the Spirit of God is doing, but the ability to carry what the Spirit of God is doing.

I believe that you are pregnant with new ideas in new ways. I believe that you are pregnant with a fresh church planting movement. And it's not the fact that God doesn't love the churches that are already here. I'm so grateful that He does. I happen to be one of those prophets that loves the church. I know there's some prophets that don't. I am one of the ones that do. I plant many churches. We have in our network, I think, we have 172 people there in church and churches, but also I currently am pastoring a church. So I am not in a negative position with the church. And because of that, you get authority to speak in anything, that you have the ability to have the right heart about and to serve.

But as for Belgium, is its Era of Pregnancies, God says that He has heard the cries and the prayers of His people. And you may understand this more than I and He says, each cry and each prayer has been like an arrow that has gone forth. It has actually pierced a bubble, that it has pierced a cap that seemingly was a limit over the liberty and the advancement of the Kingdom of God, over the apostolic, over the prophetic that could move forth in this land.


I know you're gonna feel like you're having aerobics tonight, lift your hands again. That's just a receiving mode. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, we declare: every seed that was sown in teaching and in training, Father, in visiting ministers, Father, in those that the ground refused and they spit up and they spit out. Father, we declare to Belgium, in this Era of Pregnancies: those Seeds are still alive! And Father we call forth now, Father that which could not come forth before so we call forth, Father, the apostolic and the prophetic; and that's not the icing on the cake, that's a very foundation, the eggs and the flour, you know, don't make it what it's not.

The Spirit of God says, I will cause those things that were limited, the Lord says, for you to know that I AM still the Resource and I AM limitless, says God.

The Lord says, even now I am releasing My warm breath. He says that My breath might hit the ground, and the seed that was closed might begin to open. And it might cause its Life to be able to come forth. And the Spirit of God says many of you have prayed. Many of you have fasted. Many of you have pride. Many of you have been disappointed and many of you have hoped for the day you're about to move into, says God. The Lord says, because, says the Lord, you felt as if your own destiny, you felt as if your own purpose was locked into that which was coming that seemed never to come. And the Spirit of Lord says, so it will feel as if I have recycling some things from almost 15 years ago, says the Lord. But My promise to you: this is not the old; this will not taste like the old, says the Lord. The Lord says where it was not flavorful, He says, to this nation and time has passed. This time says the Lord: Watch, it will tastes like honey, says the Lord. There's going to be a sweetness even up on the lips, says the Lord, and there will be a grace upon the land.

So Father, we speak that where there is been a cap, we say, God, we thank You, Father, that You are lifting the cap in this Era of Pregnancies, and Father, limitations are being lifted.


This is a part of my message, but I just wanted to share with you what happened. Actually, it happened 22 years ago in England, I went into a place called called Scarborough for the first time, and I went into this group of pastors meetings. I spend my life ministering the leaders. So here we are at this pastors meeting. I didn't know what to do. I don't think they knew what to do. So we just kind of prayed, and the Lord gave me a revelation, how the first church of Scarborough, that during the early years had wanted to be involved in the crusades, and they didn't want to take care of the fledgling church. And so what they had done is they had given it away for someone to care for it. They didn't even have a spiritual background or heritage, and that they had left and they've gone on the crusades, and I heard the Spirit of God say this, since then there has been a ceiling over you. He said, When you've grown to a certain capacity, all of a sudden you'd come back down to where you were before. It's because it was like the limitation that was there. So you're doing the right things, but you're not seeing the right fruit and the right result, and our God says our labor is not in vain. Now, when I got up, gave that word, afterwards, one pastor and one leader after the other came forward, this is done. We repent on behalf of the land. We repent on behalf of those that that did not rightly shepherd Your church. We repent on the behalf of those that didn't didn't take the responsibility that You had given them. Can I tell you, in a short three months, we got so many emails of churches that had broke their barrier that had never broke their barrier before. Not only that, the new mayor of the area was a pastor that had just been elected.

So I believe that the Spirit of God is lifting a cap over this land. I also felt like that the Lord says that He's putting His words in your mouth, which is, you know that, but the reason He's telling you that is He wants you to consult Him for those words. I really feel like this is such a time and I am not going to go into it because so many other prophets went in it, this precious lady through the mouth, it is a season for the mouth Hebraicly. Others teach it better. I'm not teaching somebody else's message tonight.

But what does that mean? That means God says He's put His words in your mouth. Part of that is the prophetic. We don't say all of that is the prophetic. But it says that our words have the ability to give life and our words have the ability to kill.

What the Spirit of God is doing at this time is He is raising up a conviction and a purification to the words of our mouth.

Why is He doing that? Because He wants to release a new authorityout of your mouth. He wants to release, it says pure and bitter are not meant to flow from the same spout. So He's wanting to bring a purity even in those areas on the inside of us. So God is touching the mouth. But now, I don't know how many prophets we have in the room, but they're always most of the time hidden in Belgium. Can I tell you this, I believe that what Moses said is the same thing. A lot of prophets here in this land are saying, Moses said, "but God, I can't speak". Listen to what God's response was: "Moses, Who made your mouth?" He says, For I'll put My words in your mouth.


Can you lay hands on your lips? Father, in the season of the lips, Father, we recognize for You to put a new authority in our mouth. Father, that there has to be a purification. And so Father, we invite You to come and be the guard over our lips. Father, that we would not say those vain words, Father, that we would not have that idle talk that you speak of. Father, that we would not have that bitter flow, but Father that we would honor You with the words of our mouth. Father, we thank You, Father that we we will build lives, Father, and take ships in the direction that they should go with the words of these mouths. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Bless our mouths, God, bless our mouths.


As I'm on that point, I'm going to kind of move to another point is we're talking about the mouth. This is a part that the Spirit of the Lord gave me. The Lord says, we have been called to soar with the eagles. But now we're going to roar with the lions also.

Now, why do we... - I like that, I like that too, bless you. And I've never had anybody knock on the glass before to say ‘hallelujah’. I really do like that.

So here it says that we're going to roar with the lions. Listen to how the Lord explained it to me. He says, You have just entered into 'the roaring 20s', says the Lord. The Spirit of God says, just as a lion is a symbol for courage, this is going to be a courageous time. He says, for My church, and for My prophetic people. But the Lord says, that even as you are - the Scripture says - that when a lion roars who cannot but prophesy.


Father, we believe that in this season of roaring, there is going to come that groundswell, Father, from your prophets and prophetic people, and there will be a greater release. But it will no longer just be encouragement and blessing alone. But, Father, there will be that which needs to be said in the lives. Father, that have the ability to take us on to the next glory. They have the ability to take us on to the next phase of our destiny. They have an ability to release Your power. Father, we thank You for these roaring 20s. And just as in the natural that was a day of extremes - sometimes the extremes were not so good. Father, right now we call forth, Father, with that where there is moderation, Father, on the church in this land, we call forth the extremes. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, we call forth the extremes. We say God, let Your church roar at this time as You created it to do.


Now, let me back up just a little bit. When 2019 began, the word on the inside of me, which I believe, many picked up, but like we said, we all have the same Source, and that the word was ‘the New means New’. That may not sound like much to you, but the Lord said, "Are you willing to be an amateur in the new rather than a professional in the old?"

That’s a painful challenge. Who doesn't want to be polished & experienced?! Every one of us! So, to me, that was a very painful after 43 years in ministry, you know, got 10 grandchildren, one husband by the way.

So, that was a painful word, "Are you willing to be an amateur in the new?"So we set out saying, God, we are not going to go by what we know. We're going to go just follow after the things of Your Spirit.

You think 'Well, prophets always do that'. There's different levels of doing that.

Definitely 2019 was a year of learning a different level. But in when it came to 2020, the Lord was not saying the same thing. I was so thrilled that 2019 was over, you know, that I didn't want to be an amateur. Then the Lord says “2020, new is your new normal”. And I thought, "Ooooh...!"

What do we do here? People think ‘prophets don't like structure’. Without structure nothing is built, right? People think 'prophets don't like boundaries'. Without boundaries there's no measurement of righteousness or success. So those things are not true. I think we've just kind of thrown all prophets in one basket together, and it's not that way. But here, when it says 'new is the new normal'.

What does that mean? That means I don't have the time to polish it as I want to. I don't have the length of time to let it keep evolving, or to carry the same thing for a long time. So I have learned as I have moved into 2020, - I'm going to give you a prophetic act in just a moment - as we moved into 2020, with 'new being the new normal', I'm going to teach you a new wave offering: "Bye..." (waving her hand).

I'm having to say bye to a lot of things that I already know, not because they are not valuable. But when you're being fast tracked by the Spirit of God, we have to be one that lets Him do what He has the ability to take us there. So your wave offering is one of these wave offerings right now, as you pass by all those things that you wanted to polish and you wanted to carry a while and that we're so pretty for the Kingdom of God, but new is the new normaland that means we have to expect what we did before - and that means when you do the things that you have done before - you also have to expect a different outcome. Did you hear that? That means that God is just opening up how much that you see.

Now, I am one of those people that my eyesight is okay. I don't often drive late at night because it gets a little worse. They call that night blindness. When other people's lights blaring to your eyes. And so what I find out was, is when those things happen, my sight is diminished. But you put me out in the brightness of the day, and my sight is great.

The Spirit of God says you are going to stand in the noonday sun says the Lord, where there is no shadow, or turning, says God. The Lord says that I am going to bring forth in that place the New and I'm going to bring forth in that place fresh expectations, says the Lord, rather than old outcomes.


Lay hands on your heart. Father right now, I refuse to say ‘heal us from the pain that the church has brought us’. Father, because that’s not true. That we say, heal us from the areas, Father, where tradition; where control; where a spirit of religion; where we have tolerated Jezebel and where the fear of man has come in to mold us and caused us pain and limitation. Father right now, as we stand in the noonday sun where there is no shadow. Father, right now we say release those new outcomes, release those new promises. The Lord says, “Did I already tell you that I would not let your labor be in vain and that I would give you fruit for your labor?” The Spirit of God says, I have no ability to lie. And so in the past, you labored and did not see the result. And then you said, I feel disappointed and I feel hopeless. Maybe I was inadequate. Maybe I didn’t hear, maybe I didn’t do. But the Spirit of Lord says, this is a different day that you are in for the Wind of Change has blown. The cloud has moved in this hour, and the water table has risen from your ankle to your waist says God. The Lord says, I will cause you to expect that new outcome and we just say amen to that.


The Lord also gave me a movie title for 2020. I don't know why He does that, but sometimes He does. And the movie title for 2020 is 'The Greatest Show on Earth'. You like that? I like that one.

Why is it called that? Because God is going to show up, and He's going to show off in you. He's going to show up, and He's going to show off in His church. I believe that means that we're moving into that greater glory. That means that we're moving into a greater time of the manifested power of God, where we see the healings, the miracles, the signs and the wonders of this.

I can also say this, I do like a church, the Bible says let everything be done in order. But before it says that it says, Let all things be done. That means if you don't have a mess, you don't have anything to put in order. I have learned that.

The Bible says let all things be done decently and in order. But this, but it says, first of all, let all things be done. When all things are being done, you get a miss, you get a divine chaos. And then you have something to put an order. I believe we've got a little bit backwards in Belgium; we have a lot of great order. But we don't always have all things being done. This is time for the greatest show on earth.Jesus is going to show up and show off in you. A Scripture the Lord gave me for that is Habakkuk one, five, and it says look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed for I'm going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told. Isn't that something? I go: Come on God, come on God. I love this.

So what are we doing? First of all, let me say this. I know this is American accent, but I only I only get on the plane and go on a 45 minute flight over the pond back to England to go home. So that means if we speak about things that are happening, I am not one of those prophets that’s not around when you don't see the manifestation.

So because I spent so much time working with different prophetic agendas in Europe, and that's my main, that's my main thrust at this part of my life, you're going to see these are things to be measured, not things just to hope for. We got to get past the prophetic being 'Oh, I hope that's true', 'Oh, I hope that came from God', not just by their good nature. We're going to come to that place, or we're going to realize 'no, God wants to be seen and heard.’ This is going to be the greatest show on earth, and that His glory is going to move through you and His church in unprecedented ways.


Let me jump over to the prophets again. Why are you talking about prophets, Sharon? Because everything reproduces after its own kind. Isn't that right? So, I believe that's one of the areas of my revelation because everything reproduces after its own kind. And I am a prophet.

So, prophets and apostles are being promoted right now. But God says He's bringing them up. The seeds that were in the ground are now coming forth.

What does it look like when the prophets being promoted right now? Kind of spoke about it more. There's a new area of authority and accuracy coming out of this mouth. That means that we're before had almost had a ‘wait and see’ attitude. If it was really from God and it was really going to be fulfilled, that you're going to see the distance between the time of promise of fulfillment is getting much shorter. So there's a real promotion, that we will not only have revelation of His plans, but we will have a greater detail and clarity and authority and accuracy of revelation. And not only that, it's going to begin to be passed, just be released in individual lives; I love individual lives. If you read the Old Testament, the majority of the prophetic words are for nations and they were for kings, and they were for those in authority. Already this year, we have two invitations from two different presidents and prime ministers. That is not an uncommon thing. We build up to 13 already. You say ‘How is that possible?’ It is not possible because we're knocking on their doors or we're trying to get in or we think we have something to say to them. No, what makes it possible is God is promoting and when He promotes there's a favor that goes with it.

What does favor do? It gives you favor with God, gives you favor with men. He causes even the heads of Kings be turned into your direction. Isn't that amazing? So there is a promotion that is coming. I just want to leave that there.


Now, I want to say something about worship. I love worship is my favorite thing to do. It really is. How many like The Lion King when Simba was lifted up? We think that “oh bless this in my life, God. Bless that in my life, God.” (meanwhile Dr Stone lifting her arms up) But in worship, we lift up Jesus and it causes everything to be blessed at those areas.

There’s a new sound of worship.That has been prophesied every year that I probably lived. So you'd say “I heard that before Sharon”.

I believe that God is releasing the ingredients for this year. God is saying you've been through a season of intimacy and presence. You've been singing to the goodness of God. Haven't you absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it? Has that not only honored God, but it's brought you a transformation as well His goodness? God is returning to our praise of worship, the sound of victory and of overcoming and He is bringing those things together, that they might become an anthem for a fresh army to be able to move forth in this hour. You were already seeing it. We're seeing it in Hillsong. We're seeing a fresh sound. All of a sudden victory songs are coming forth. Bethel, all of a sudden victory songs are coming forth. Why is that so? Because God is merging the fresh ingredients with the ingredients that are already there.

Because He always looks for a sound. It says when He heard the children of Israel in captivity in Egypt, He heard their cry. He responded by sending a deliver.

I believe that the Spirit of God has heard our cry. I believe that the Spirit of God has heard our worship. I believe that God has sending a deliverance anointing upon our worship and upon our praise in this in this hour. And we have need of it.


In Europe, it's time for the Born Again Church, again. In Europe, it's time to re-evangelize the church and the nation. Now, you might say, ‘Well, it sounds like we're going backwards, not forwards’. No, whenever there comes a time, where there's a mixture or a contamination, or a compromise, God takes us back to basics. When He takes us back to basics, He puts an emphasis upon the primary things that we all have to have. One is the Word of God. There's going to be such an emphasis upon the written Word of God, not just a spoken Word of God, but the written Word of God, that He is going to take the traditions of men out of our theology. That we might have that purity, because the power is upon the purity of the Word of God and not upon the things that we have added to it, as He brings us back to the re-evangelism of Europe.

What does that mean? Can I tell you two weeks ago, we have something we call a prophetic encounter night once a month. Two weeks ago, we have a regular prophetic encounter. We had the prophetic worship, we had the words of knowledge. We had the prophetic words. We had that night, I think we had 18 prophetic teams. So all 300 people there that wanted prophetic ministry got it within a very short amount of time. And so it was very good. And afterwards, one of the people that works for close with us came up and she says, I brought my husband's pastor and some of the people from that church with me tonight. I said, Great. Now, that may sound funny to you, she goes to our church, he goes to another church. He goes to a Baptist Church and he just gets irritated when somebody's prays in tongues... . He's not quite there yet. So, they're good. When it came time, because we had about 100 and some odd people in a small little church, came to salvation last year. Every time… because you cannot demonstrate the power of God, get demonstrate His voice without people 'boy, a God is actively involved in my life, that's the One I want to know.'

So in this situation, because we had salvations, and I said “Who got saved?”; she goes “My husband’s pastor”. How is that possible?! I don't even know how that's possible. We had to ask again because we thought we heard wrong. We had to ask again.

It is time for the re-evangelism of the church and the nation. You can't give away anything you don't have. God is making sure we have everything that we have need of. God loves the uniqueness of the different European nations. God's taking us to Genesis 32. This is a story when Jacob wrestled the angel, or in many other places they refer to it, even though it says the Angel of the Lord or it says the man, they refer to it as Jesus, that he wrestled in that place. It says he wrestled with Jesus. It says that the morning was beginning to come and the angel of Lord or Jesus, however you want to read into that said, "Let go of me". Jacob answered, "I will not let go of You until You bless me". Listen to what the Lord said, "What's your name?" "My name is Jacob". "It's not Jacob anymore for Jacob, you have wrestled with God, you have wrestled with men, you have not prevail. Your name is now Israel". Is that not right?

The Spirit of God is speaking over Belgium, it is time to wrestle for your identity, says the Lord. It is time to wrestle for why you were created. It is time to wrestle for that redemptive destiny that the Spirit of God has put within you. Just like Jacob says, "I will not let go of You until you bless me". Then we're going to hold on to our nation like that. We're going to wrestle for that identity to be established afresh. We already spoke about the era that that I believe you're at, which is Era of Pregnancy. But I also believe that just as God's spoken name change for Jacob, that God is speaking names change for you at this time. God's name change for you at this time is Innovation and Creativity. That means you're thinking out of the box. That means you're not repeating yesterday, but you're building for the future. That means that you're not operating in band aids, that you're dreaming solutions. The Spirit of God says, Your name in this hour is Innovation and Creativity. And your prophets, you are going to have to prophesy to the land again and again, until it sticks. Because there's some things that just bounce off for a season. But God loves the uniqueness. God wants the fullness of His purposes to come forth in this place.


So Father, we speak over Belgium right now, we say, your name in this season is Innovation and Creativity. So we call you to align with the Word of God. And just like every sickness, and everything that is named has to bow its need to the name of Jesus. We speak to this beautiful nation. We say it bow your knee to the declaration of the Lord of who you really are, that you will not wear a false identity and you will not wear a false strength and you will not wear false hopes, and you will not take on false responsibilities.

We release you to bow your knee to Innovation and Creativity that even as Jesus declared you, when there was nothingness and the earth was without void. Father right now, we call back those purposes right now upon this land. Father, we remind the land, who she is right now, in the name of Jesus. And in this era of pregnancies, we say, Come forth, come forth. And just like Lazarus, we say, get the grave clothes off of our come forth as innovation and creativity in this season. Father, we thank You, Father, that's part of what's going to release the victorious church in this nation.


I had someone asked me earlier, are you going to say anything about prayer, and I am, but I'm going to talk about prayer without talking about prayer. God is giving a new strength to the prayer movement in this nation. But let me tell you how He's doing that. I believe the word that's got the greatest weight on it for the season we're in right now is collaboration. I believe that God is bringing us understanding of that word. That we will cross pollinate across ministries, organizations, that there's going to be strategic collaboration across cities, across nations. I believe it's for the purpose of bringing agreement for breakthrough.

I want to give you two illustrations. In September of last year, you know what we've been going through in England with Brexit, not giving you an opinion about it. You don't have to live there. Okay, well, I think sometimes we're too free with our opinions when we don't need to be. Then you polarize people, and it's not necessary. And so, here we are, so we understand what we're going through. And so I was on a Conference call and we had about 12 to 20 major worldwide prophets. Probably people you've watched on TV, you read their books, you follow their blogs. We do these calls every now and then. I remember Cindy Jacobs asking me - and she's the chairman - "How's things going in England right now?" I tell you, when I heard what I said, I wanted to spit it out. It sounded so whiny. I said, “Well, you know what's happening with Brexit and so much division in the atmosphere and argument.” I mean, I thought, “Dear God, you mony groaning little girl”. I didn't even sound like me. I mean, what is that what happens? When there's a heaviness, there's things going on in the nation. Belgium's got some things going on in the nation. We've been under it for a while, it begins to have a bit of an impact upon us. But as soon as I said that, thank God, one prophet over here starts speaking to shift; another over there says "we grab hold of the UK, we pull you through". I mean they went on like this for I don't know how many minutes. A day and a half later, Theresa May step down Boris Johnson came in, and that which was not able to move in three years, was done to move again. Regardless of your opinion, it was no longer stuck. Collaboration.

A friend of mine, her name is Faye Teen. She's been one of the the national prophets not only of Canada, but also The Call is that you've seen throughout the world, the amazing, amazing woman prophet. They had their election year. Their current prime minister was not necessarily big guy. He has a very strong LGBT agenda. He's driving the nation into bankruptcy. Making some of the worst decisions that they've known in their history. So they came together as a church in the nation. Canada is a big place. They came together. They did things I've never seen a nation do before. They repented to one another, the churches, the streams, the denominations where they had taken offense, where they had broken off from each other historically, where they had operated in competition with one another, where they had spoke evil of one another. You know, you don't have to say, bad, bad, bad to speak evil. Sometimes you go, Well, I don't really know what's going on over there.

They had repented. They rented the stadiums of the nation. They brought together people from all over their nation. They prayed and they prayed and they prayed and they prayed. They were on TV. They were in the parliament. There was a humility and there was a cry coming forth from the church of Canada that I've never heard, come forth. Never heard. So the election happened. And the same man was reelected. They were in absolutely shock. They didn't even have to know how to speak, or how to encourage one another. I mean, the prophets knew that they knew that they knew ... they go, how did this happen? You know, some of us could say, I could have done more. They knew they've done what they were supposed to do; that’s a wonderful feeling, you know, that they knew So, a few weeks later, my friend Faye Teen, now she could finally even just ask God 'What happened?' You know, at that point, she couldn't even ask God. It was just such an offense to her soul. God, what's going on? He says, You can't get victories the way you used to get victories. He says you need a collaboration. You need the prophets and apostles and intercessors from other nations, to pray with you to bring breakthrough in your nation.


Father, right now I pray for Belgium. Father, we need divine contacts in this nation. Father, we need those relationships. Father, that they're going to fight for us and we're going to fight for them. Father, we need those ones that are given to bring us the breakthroughs and the victories that we have, that we desire that you desire. But Father, we also want to be a part of somebody else's breakthrough and somebody else's victory. Father, we acknowledge it's not the fact that we have lost any authority. It's the fact that the battles are bigger in this hour, that this is the time for nations to shift and Father that what You're doing demands a collaboration. So Father, I speak the commissioning by the power of Your Spirit that every person here; everyone that will listen to this recording, Father that they will receive that fresh commissioning that they are meant to be somebody else's divine contact. They are meant to be somebody else's support system. They are meant to be somebody else's leverage. They are meant to bring somebody else or some other nation or some other region or some other church or some of their family, their breakthrough. And this is the strategic way You say we're getting it in this hour. Father right now we asked You would You please renew our mind and not let us forget this, Father, that we will not try to do what we did before. Father that we realized these are different battles. This is a new level of victories. Father, that You are releasing fresh strategies for Your breakthrough. This is going to change the prayer movement, even in this nation. The scripture that the Lord gave me is in Numbers 32 and this is when the children of Israel, they crossed over to Jordan - remember they were going to go take their Promised Land, they were going to get their inheritance each part, but one and a half tribes decided that one is to stay on the other side of the Jordan. So they went to them and they said, 'Is it right, that you sit over and do nothing while your brothers go and fight for their inheritance?' In the chapter you see they said, 'No, it's not right. We'll go with you and fight for your inheritance. And then we will come back and we'll take ours as well.'

Can you just stand your feet? Father, right now we say it is not right. Father we look around the nations today we see what the different ones are fighting for. Father, we want to fight for their inheritance. God, we want to fight for the nation's identity. Father we want to fight. Father, You said that You are going to have the nation's as Your inheritance. Well, God, there's got to be a people that give them to You. And we say God here are we! Father, we want to be some of those that bring You the nations even as Your inheritance in this hour. Father, this is a time where tribes and streams are going to be able to go together to help bring inheritance to You, and the nations. And the Lord says, competition, even between churches and ministries are going to be on the decrease during this time of collaboration, says God. The Lord says, they will see that the fields are white with harvest. And they will see that the laborers are few. The Lord says that I will cause them to need one another, says the Lord. The Lord says it will be like in the day that Peter dropped the net on the other side of the boat. And so great was the catch that he had to call the others to come help him be able to bring in that great catch. The Spirit of God says, This is the day or your breakthrough is coming in collaboration says God. The Lord says as You allow Me, He says, to align you even in this way, you are going to see that you're moving into your own harvest, says the Lord.


I think this word was released a little late in last year. The Lord will often give me newspaper headlines of things before they happen. You know, it doesn't mean very much when a prophet after something happens say, I know that. It doesn't mean very much. You have to say it ahead of time, right? So, again, don't take a political leaning here. I don't know the man. Before the US elections, I saw the newspaper it said 'Trump Triumphs'. What was the number one headline after he was elected? 'Trump Triumphs'. I saw in early 2008 says 'Iceland volcano erupts' or the year was out, what was the headlines? Exactly. Than I saw headlines over Europe and the Nordic nations at the end of last year. Listen, this is the media. This is not the church that says 'Revival is here'.

I know you don't know me. But if you've journeyed with me, you know, I've not been throwing out those words. A lot of prophets do every year, every years the favor the Lord every year is revival and awakening. I've not been doing that, because I believe hope deferred makes the heart sick. You have to hope for something, but we can't have the wrong expectation of timing. Let me say this to you. So God is asking us what are we expecting? God because You said so we're expecting revival. We're expecting awakening and we're expecting an early harvest, because that's what You said so.

So this is where we make our shift. We go from a place where we're praying and petitioning for revival to the place where now we start stewarding revival that's in me.

Revive means bring the life together, make stand up again. Somebody that has not known the Lord, they cannot be revived. They have to just be vived, right? This hadn't happened before.

So what happens? You've been revived. Look at you. Late at night, you know you've been revived.

God says, Can you steward that now?

Can you let it overflow on everybody around about you?

Can you just let that freely go in different directions?

Can you just be contagious with revival?

Move from the area of just petitioning along to stewarding what's on the inside. Father, we thank You for Your words tonight. I apologize where I was a little longer than what I planned to be.


Father, we thank You, Father that You are that these words have not fallen on hard ground, but good ground, and that they will bring forth the hundred percent of the destiny that You desire it to bring forth.

Father, we thank You. God, we thank You.


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