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Paying Tribute

'No sooner had the angels left them and gone back into heaven than the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go over to Beit-Lechem and see this thing that has happened, that Adonai has told us about.” ... Upon seeing this, they made known what they had been told about this child; ... . Meanwhile, the shepherds returned, GLORIFYING and PRAISING God for everything they had heard and seen; it had been just as they had been told.' - Luk. 2:15‭, ‬17‭-‬17‭, ‬20 CJB

'He will be great, He will be called Son of Ha‘Elyon. Adonai, God, will give Him the throne of his forefather David; and He will rule the House of Ya‘akov forever — there will be no end to His Kingdom.”' - Luk. 1:32‭-‬33 CJB

'Upon entering the house, they saw the child with his mother Miryam; and they PROSTRATED themselves and WORSHIPPED Him. Then they opened their bags and PRESENTED Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.' - Matt. 2:11 CJB

From the lowest - the sheperds - to the highest class of society on Earth - the Magi - as well as the angels paid tribute to God, whom became human as this fragile baby Yeshua - Savior of the World.

Watch the prophetic act of the Kingdom of Darkness (the Magi) to submit Herself to

The King of the Universe - Yeshua Messiah!

God's Kingdom is a Unshakable Kingdom with an ongoing All-conquering Government and Peace without any ending!

We are more than superconquerors by Him who loved us first! From the Beginning God is communicating this to us... .

What do you have to offer to King Jesus on CHRISTmas day?



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