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Prophecy about Belgium for 2017

On January 07th 2017, different Belgian networks of intercessors assembled to pray into the new year and to hear what God has for tHis Church and the nation of Belgium.

I received the following words:



(Picture drawn of a woman clothed in rags, who turns her filthy face towards the Lord, whom is standing behind her.)

A whore, who is filthy. The Lord was speaking to me: ‘This is Belgium, the nation of Belgium, who is like this whore. She’s still thinking that she’s attractive, she’s serving these idols.’

But the Lord started to shine His light upon her, and she turned her face toward Christ, and she realizes her real state that she lives in, and she became ashamed, and feel guilty “Oh no, I broke the covenant of the Lord!”

But the Lord is really inviting Belgium to come, to turn again, so that He can wash her clean and restore and honour her again and it really reminded me of Ezechiel 16, it describes Israel as well: she turned away. She was born and He clothed her and washed her, He gave her a crown and jewels and robes, but after a while she became a teenager and her breasts came and now she’s ready for sexual relationships, and she started to pervert herself to the other nations, to idols. In the end it speaks about:

59 “For here is what Adonai Elohim says: ‘I will do to you as you have done — you treated the oath with contempt by breaking the covenant. 60 Nevertheless, I will remember the covenant I made with you when you were a girl and will establish an everlasting covenant with you. 61 Then you will remember your behavior and be ashamed of it as you receive your older and younger sisters and make them your daughters, even though the covenant with you does not cover that; 62 and I will re-establish my covenant with you. Then you will know that I am Adonai; 63 so that you will remember.”


This morning the Lord also gave me the verse of Job 32: 13-14; it speaks about ‘Job got three beautiful daughters’, that even those daughters ‘shared in the inheritance of their father’, which was unseen in those days.

The same for Belgium. So, earlier, Belgium was a whore for at least decades, she turned away from the Lord, and now the Lord is restoring her, making her a queen again.

By this I was led to Luke 15, where it speaks about the prodical son, he runs away and he comes back, and what the Father does is looking for him; He runs to her (Belgium),

  • and He gives her a mantle, which is 'anointing'. God will restore Belgium in its original anointing to the nations.

  • The second gift was a ring, which speaks about 'authority', about 'position'; Belgium is given a real unique position among the nations.

  • And the third one is about sandals, which speaks about restoring Belgium in its 'Identity' as a true son of the Lord.


Later on the Lord gave me a sandglass, an hourglass; and I was reminded of the verse like Isaiah 60:1 (CJB)): “Arise, shine [Yerushalayim], for your light has come, the glory of Adonai has risen over you.…".

For Belgium, the time is NOW to rise up as a Church to influence the nation and the nations!

Then He spoke to me about ‘the BULLS OF BASHAN’ (Psalms 22:13). The word bulls have two meanings: ‘idol’, ‘strong evil spirit’ and ‘financial predator’. I saw that these bulls were dead, pierced to death by Jesus’ victory on the cross, and these bulls were made as an ‘offering’ - that’s the third meaning of the word bull! Bashan means ‘fruitful, abundant.’

The Bulls of Bashan is ‘The Offerings of Abundance’

I think, that with what was said earlier (by other intercessors), God wants to restore the wealth of the nations to the Church; to really release the Church in finances, in material aid, in relationships, and in spiritual abundance to rise up again, and to get Her voice back, to speak to the nations, to the government, to the seven moutains of influence.


The last one was about seeing the ‘Terracotta-army’, being unearthed and the Lord saying: “I will raise up this army of soldiers” and it reminded me of Ezechiel 37:10 where the Lord says to Ezechiel: “Prophecy to these dry bones!” and it became an army.” And so I think it’s also the case with Belgium, we as Church, we as intercessors, have to start to prophesy new Life, to release the Church, getting straight and getting breath, and to start to stand up to walk. I want to read from Ezechiel 37, we all know these verses, but it’s good to proclaim them:

“7 So I prophesied as ordered; and while I was prophesying, there was a noise, a rattling sound; it was the bones coming together, each bone in its proper place. 8 As I watched, ligaments grew on them, flesh appeared and skin covered them; but there was no breath in them. 9 Next He said to me, “Prophesy to the breath! Prophesy, human being!

Its speaking of Belgium as well: God is raising up His army, but we need to speak to the Church, she needs to inhale the Spirit!

“Say to the breath that Adonai Elohim says, ‘Come from the four winds, breath; and breathe on these slain, so that they can live.’”

10 So I prophesied as ordered, and the breath came into them, and they were alive! They stood up on their feet, a huge army! 11 Then he said to me, “Human being! These bones are the whole house of Isra’el (and Belgium); and they are saying, ‘Our bones have dried up, our hope is gone, and we are completely cut off.’ 12 Therefore prophesy; say to them that Adonai Elohim says, ‘My people! I will open your graves and make you get up out of your graves, and I will bring you into the land of Isra’el. “

We, as Church need to get out of the grave. I had a sense, I felt that we will see during this year the beginning of a gathering of people, the ‘Firstfruits’, of people that get saved, the ‘Preview of the Harvest’.

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