Here is an overview of our activities and the organisations of which we are a member:

1 - Brussels School of Prophets - 'Jan Ruusbroec'

BSP-JR wants to teach and educate Belgians to grow in the prophetic by hearing, confirming and acting on revelation of Jesus Christ.

For more information, visit our website (only available in Dutch)

2 - School Administration


Laura is a part of the school team where she is responsible for the HRM.

3 - Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

In the last 5 years Peter made christian electronic music in his home studio. Since a few years he started partnering with a christian friend as a collective.


For more info visit:


Spiritual mapping, prophetic prayer and intercession for churches, cities and the nation.

Public speaking

Preaching and teaching in several churches across Belgium.


Solid Bible-based teachings and training on Kingdom Leaderschip principles.

The excellent study & work materials of Prepare International® which has been used, tested and approved for 15 years now by many different leaders in many countries over the world.


One-on-one coaching about your (spiritual) life. Also called discipleship.