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FatheringBelgium Logo

1. Meaning of the ‘Fire ball’ (global picture):

A  Whirlwind of Fire that moves forward (from right to left). This represents the nature of the Fathering Movement of burning Love of our Heavenly Father for others.


1.A. ‘Red sickles’:

Red sickles represent men/women who are centered around Jesus Christ ('yellow Sun'), where they embrace/cover with one arm their neighbor (inclusiveness & unity in brotherhood {Love} & covering in power {Prayer}).


2.B. ‘Yellow Sun’:

The yellow Sun represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God, which is the Light of the World, on whom we focus and follow His Call: " "Come, follow Me, and I will make you into fishers for men." - Mark 1:17 (CJB)

The colours black, yellow and red can be found in the Belgian Flag.

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