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His Story

Peter Parthoens grew up in a Belgian family whom practiced the Christian faith in Jesus Christ.

At the age of 15, he got baptized in water and Spirit.

For years Peter's family went to a Spirit-filled church in Brussels. Later on, his parents, together with another couple, planted a church where he witnessed a spontaneous small revival at that specific Belgian city. Since then, his trust in the very possibility of having revival in Belgium became rock-solid.

From Peter's kindergarten till his young-adults years he went to several Christian camps in Belgium.

Over the years he saw many Christian friends from his church & Christian camps turn away from the Christian faith. This really grieved him, to be a leader at those same camps or churches, where your friends were, realizing you become a 'dying breed' in your age range… .

From his teenage years on Peter was looking for disciple-making youth leaders, whom would invest their walk with Christ in him, but very few had the 'know-how'... .

Even when Peter looked to the leaders - pastors/teachers - of the older generation, whom he thought would know about discipleship, where rather busy 'managing' the Church(business) than raising and maturing a Kingdom Family... .

Because of all this, Peter cried out to his Heavenly Father: "Where are the Fathers?!"

And God answered him by asking the question: "Would you want to become one, Peter?"

A scary question ... which he replied with a scary answer: "God, I don't know how,...?!"  (*Eureka!*)  "Papa, make me a spiritual father to others, no matter which generation... ."

The adventure is on! What about you? Are you in?

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